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Archive for June, 2008

I’ve recently done some investigation of applying for Irish citizenship. I’m excited about the idea of having stronger ties back to where most of my family comes from, getting to know the branch of my family that lives there, and possibly getting to live there for a while. Anyone whose grandparent was born in Ireland […]

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Multimedia Extravaganza

If you want more than pictures, here is some audio and video of our favorite baby. Warning: Some of these files are quite big. Audio: (3.8 MB) Colm saying “doggie” – 23 May 08 Video: (78 MB) Where’s Colm? There he is! – 4 Feb 08 (67 MB) Colm helps sweep the floor – 16 […]

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Growing Boy

I have to apologize… It has been so long since we posted any pictures! We had a few misadventures such as our camera getting run over, so hopefully you will forgive us. Colm is growing… and growing… There are fewer and fewer places that are safe to put stuff out of his reach. He’s now […]

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