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Colm Jamison McLain!


Colm and Jami have been busy travelers! In June they went out to Ohio to the Kimble Family Reunion:

Colm and Great-Aunt Fleda

Colm and Great-Aunt Phyllis

And a few weeks ago they went to Colorado to visit the grandparents:

Grandma’s gym class:

Sleepy time:

Play time!

What a great traveler!

We are all traveling to Pennsylvania in September to visit Colm’s Great-Grandma Mildred McLain, as well as stopping in to see friends in Michigan.

Smiley face

It’s been a while since we posted anything, so here are some brand-new pictures as well as some older ones.

The latest exciting development in our house is that Colm is finally smiling back at us! I guess he likes us okay.

I think this one looks like Grandpa McLain.

Here we are all dressed up for Mother’s Day:

And here are some bonus pictures of the Grandmas with Colm:

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Both Jami and I work at Our VP sent us this outfit:

I am going back to work tomorrow. It will be sad not to spend as much time with Colm and Jami. I’m also sure Jami will have a tough time because she won’t be able to get the 6 hours of sleep that my 3am bottle has been allowing her.

Noisy baby

Colm makes funny noises pretty much all the time, even while he’s asleep. I think he is going to be a vocal boy when he grows up. Maybe he’ll even sing made-up songs, just like his mama does (and has done since she was little).

We’ve managed to capture a few of them on our camera’s sound recorder.

  • Starting his engine.
  • An attention-getting chuckle. Ahem… I’m awake… You can pick me up now!
  • Creaky door.
  • Colm was a little lamb… This is his favorite noise.
  • A sack of angry cats. He does this a lot when he’s being woken up against his will.
  • Snoozling. I’ve only heard this once.
  • Thrush

    Bless the lactation nurses at Evergreen who have saved the day again. I was at the shop attached to their clinic to buy a new nursing pillow, and one of their nurses asked how I was doing. When I said I was still hurting, she took one look at Colm and said “your baby has thrush” (she could see a little white stuff on his lips). Thrush is a yeast infection of the mouth. I don’t know how long it would have been until I figured that out. He had a white patch on his tongue but I’d figured it was just milk.

    We’re hoping this explains why nursing is still so painful. I have to take oral medicine and use topical cream (because the yeast problem also exists on my nipples and has grown into my milk ducts) and we have to coat the inside of Colm’s mouth with medicine too, 4 times a day, and we have to sterilize a bunch of stuff too. I sure hope we can beat this pretty fast.

    Feats of strength!

    All night I got pumped up dreaming about it. They said it could’t be done until I was four months old. Whatever!

    Okay, time to mentally prepare myself.

    Lift that head!

    Rock it to the side!


    Hup, hup!



    A Grand day

    First I wake up with Grandma…

    We spend some quality time together…

    And then I go for a nap in the stroller. But when I wake up…

    Another Grandma?

    Wow! So much excitement. I need to chill out in the swing.

    Grandpa was here too but I had to stay away ’cause he was sick. Get well soon, Grandpa McLain and Granddad Kimble!

    More Colm

    Hmmm… I will consider your proposal carefully.

    Cradled by friends and family

    We are being showered with love and help from friends and family. Special thanks to Christina and Jon who hosted a baby shower for us, took care of our dog Hershey while we were in the hospital, and loaned us many things including a crib. We came home from the hospital to find that Christina had bought a ton of baby stuff we still needed, put linens on the crib, and stocked our kitchen with nutritious, easy-to-make food.

    Also thanks to Evan’s Mom Kathy who flew out to Seattle and painted the baby’s room just a few weeks before the baby arrived.

    Thanks to Dawn and Dana and Heidi, who brought us food and love and did some housework.

    Thanks to Elizabeth, Lauren, Mary Kaye, and Daisy, who’ve been generous with their love for years, and have been there with good advice and a listening ear, and who have also passed along some baby supplies.

    Thanks to Alex and Anne for passing along a dresser/changing table. Evan’s back is eternally grateful.

    Thanks to my Mom’s tennis friends, who threw a shower for us in December.

    Thanks to everyone who brought presents and stories and love to the St. Patrick’s Day baby shower.

    Thanks to the choir at the West Seattle Unitarian church, who have offered support and good wishes.

    A special thanks to Taia, who is a dear friend and another new mother who has given me tons of wise advice and a shoulder to cry on.

    Thanks and deep gratitude to my Mom Cheri, who is staying with us for the first month and taking care of us and the baby. She is the main reason we’re getting any sleep at all, and have any sanity left. Mom is also the “gym teacher” for the baby right now – Evan and I cuddle and feed him, but Mom plays with him too – something we don’t have much energy for yet.

    I’m worried I may be forgetting a lot of people here – I’m so tired. I’m sorry if I’ve forgotten someone.

    Happy Easter!

    We had a nice day yesterday. First Colm helped us make some phone calls to the family…
    Easter phone calls

    Then we tried to get a family picture in front of the garden, but as soon as we got outside it started to rain… so we were a little rushed. It made for a good laugh though.
    Family in the garden

    Whew! Time to crash.
    Sacked out

    Colm’s eating somewhat better now. We’re not doing the syringe feeding any more, but he’s still getting breast milk from a bottle with every feeding. He’s growing stronger every day and is already back up to his birth weight!

    Family time

    Colm yawning

    Colm with Grandma Kimble
    Colm with Grandma Kimble

    Colm and Jami looking at each other
    Colm and Jami

    Colm and Jami closeup
    Love that mama

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