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Darragh’s first Christmas!

Christmas is almost here! We’re decorating…

Singing Christmas(*) carols…

And of course getting settled in with our new larger family!

As you can tell from these pictures, Darragh is much more awake and happy now that we’re approaching his second month. He is a sweetheart and a joy.

In other news, we had the first (perhaps only) snow of the season in Seattle. It was a little skimpy, but we made the most of it.

Hope the season is treating you well!

  • (*) Note: “Jingle Bells” is by no means limited to Christmastime in our house…the boys love to sing and dance to it year-round. Their preferred rendition is the Barenaked Ladies’ because, as Rafferty says, “It’s gonna trick you!”

Darragh Flanagan McLain was born at 1:41 am on October 30th, 2013. He weighed a healthy 10 lbs., 15.2 oz. … okay, let’s just say 11 lbs.

There's a new oak in Maple Leaf!

There’s a new oak in Maple Leaf!

Darragh (pronounced DAR-uh) is derived from the Irish word “doire” meaning “oak”.

Depending on who you ask, it may also be related to the Irish name “Dáire” meaning “fruitful” or “fertile”.

Darragh, County Kerry, Ireland

Darragh is also the name of several places in Ireland, including a parish in Co. Limerick and other areas in Cos. Clare and Kerry.

He carries the middle name Flanagan after my mom’s family.

So what do we know about baby Darragh? Well, so far he seems sensitive but very quiet. He has been pretty sleepy, though, so we may be in for a surprise once he really wakes up. His hair is a mystery. It’s darker than Colm’s, which was almost invisible at birth, and lighter than Rafferty’s, which was jet black. It’s kind of a light brown… could it be a little bit red? Will it be curly like Colm’s or straight like Rafferty’s? We’ll just have to wait until there’s more there to find out.


Welcome to the world, little Darragh!