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Growing Boy

I have to apologize… It has been so long since we posted any pictures! We had a few misadventures such as our camera getting run over, so hopefully you will forgive us.

Colm is growing… and growing… There are fewer and fewer places that are safe to put stuff out of his reach. He’s now tall enough to reach our kitchen counters. Maybe we’ve been feeding him too much. :)

Yum! Blueberry pancakes.

He’s learning to operate a spoon all by himself.

Colm loves to play. Especially the piano.

Sometimes the only way you can get him to stay still is to hang him from his toes.

The big excitement of the last few months was of course Colm’s first birthday! Granddad and Grandma Kimble came out from Colorado to help us celebrate. We had a joint birthday party since my 35th birthday was just 5 days from Colm’s first.

Anticipating the guests.

Colm posing very nicely with the birthday cakes.

Colm posing very nicely after putting his heel into his birthday cake.


Make a wish!

Of course we had to make sure Colm got plenty of sugar.

Sugar crash!

Grandma, Granddad, and friends Heidi, Garett, and Chase.

Later in the afternoon we celebrated my birthday too!

And there was more time for playing with Grandma and Granddad.

We also have a few pictures from a birthday celebration with our parents’ group.

We have been using a few words of sign language with Colm since last year, but it’s only in the last couple months that he’s started to sign back at us. He knows “milk”, “more”, “eat”, and “change”, but by far his favorite sign is “bath”. He asks for a bath almost every time he gets a diaper change.

With the warmer weather we are enjoying watching Colm explore The Big Out.

You may recognize these daffodils from the header of this blog. They were blooming when Colm was born.

There are lots of other activities to keep us busy, like playing the musical frog and cricket—gifts from Grandma Kimble.

Creating Mother’s Day cards for my Grandmas.

Playing with my food.

Watching the neighborhood go by with my buddy.

Reading with Mama.

Sitting in my new wagon.

And playing with Daddy.

And so to bed. Good night!

Christmas in Colorado

We got to spend two weeks in Colorado visiting with both the Kimbles and the McLains.

Colm helped put up the Christmas tree with Grandpa McLain:

And got some downtime with Granddad Kimble too:

He got to meet his cousins Roary and Caden for the first time, and was very very excited:

He even got to go swimming for the first time ever:

He didn’t quite get the whole presents thing, but he’ll have time to figure that out later.

We had a wonderful time with family and friends.

P.S. You may not have noticed, but I cheated and posted a bunch of September and October pictures below. Check ‘em out!

First Halloween

For Halloween, we dressed Colm up and took him around to meet the neighbors.

It was very tiring for little cows. And for mama and daddy who had to climb lots of staircases.

Visiting with family and friends

It took us a while to post these pictures, but they’re worth the wait!

In September we took a week off for a big trip out east. First we visited Colm’s Great-Grandma Mildred McLain in Pennsylvania. We also got to see my Aunt Pat and cousin Orion.

On the way out of town we spent the night with my college friend Jamie and her husband Doug.

From there we flew to Michigan, where we stayed with my college roommate Jeff and his wife Erica. Their baby Georgia is only 4 days older than Colm!

I met up with old ROTC friends for the Michigan-Notre Dame football game, and Colm and Jami tailgated with us:

Did I mention that Michigan won handily?

Later that month Grandma Kimble came out to visit, and Colm got his first solid foods:

Then Jami had a visit from her friend Taia from Oregon, and her baby Ronan:

All in all, a very busy time! Colm grew by leaps and bounds, both in size and abilities.

6 Month Portraits

Here are some 6 month portraits of Colm. The pictures in the blue PJs with feet were taken Sept. 21st. The pictures with the striped outfit with bighorn sheep were taken Oct. 3rd.

Rotisserie baby

Colm loves to be on his stomach:

The only problem is that he doesn’t know what to do when he gets there. For the past couple weeks, if you put him down on his back, he will immediately roll over onto his stomach, flail around for a while, and then complain, “Hey! I can’t figure out how to crawl!”

He’s also been really interested in sucking his thumb. Look at that latch!

Sometimes he gets tired of the camera flashing at him:

But we still get some good shots:


Colm and Jami have been busy travelers! In June they went out to Ohio to the Kimble Family Reunion:

Colm and Great-Aunt Fleda

Colm and Great-Aunt Phyllis

And a few weeks ago they went to Colorado to visit the grandparents:

Grandma’s gym class:

Sleepy time:

Play time!

What a great traveler!

We are all traveling to Pennsylvania in September to visit Colm’s Great-Grandma Mildred McLain, as well as stopping in to see friends in Michigan.

Smiley face

It’s been a while since we posted anything, so here are some brand-new pictures as well as some older ones.

The latest exciting development in our house is that Colm is finally smiling back at us! I guess he likes us okay.

I think this one looks like Grandpa McLain.

Here we are all dressed up for Mother’s Day:

And here are some bonus pictures of the Grandmas with Colm:

By the way, you can now sign up to get e-mail when we post new stuff.

Both Jami and I work at Our VP sent us this outfit:

I am going back to work tomorrow. It will be sad not to spend as much time with Colm and Jami. I’m also sure Jami will have a tough time because she won’t be able to get the 6 hours of sleep that my 3am bottle has been allowing her.

Noisy baby

Colm makes funny noises pretty much all the time, even while he’s asleep. I think he is going to be a vocal boy when he grows up. Maybe he’ll even sing made-up songs, just like his mama does (and has done since she was little).

We’ve managed to capture a few of them on our camera’s sound recorder.

  • Starting his engine.
  • An attention-getting chuckle. Ahem… I’m awake… You can pick me up now!
  • Creaky door.
  • Colm was a little lamb… This is his favorite noise.
  • A sack of angry cats. He does this a lot when he’s being woken up against his will.
  • Snoozling. I’ve only heard this once.
  • Thrush

    Bless the lactation nurses at Evergreen who have saved the day again. I was at the shop attached to their clinic to buy a new nursing pillow, and one of their nurses asked how I was doing. When I said I was still hurting, she took one look at Colm and said “your baby has thrush” (she could see a little white stuff on his lips). Thrush is a yeast infection of the mouth. I don’t know how long it would have been until I figured that out. He had a white patch on his tongue but I’d figured it was just milk.

    We’re hoping this explains why nursing is still so painful. I have to take oral medicine and use topical cream (because the yeast problem also exists on my nipples and has grown into my milk ducts) and we have to coat the inside of Colm’s mouth with medicine too, 4 times a day, and we have to sterilize a bunch of stuff too. I sure hope we can beat this pretty fast.

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