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Feats of strength!

All night I got pumped up dreaming about it. They said it could’t be done until I was four months old. Whatever!

Okay, time to mentally prepare myself.

Lift that head!

Rock it to the side!


Hup, hup!



A Grand day

First I wake up with Grandma…

We spend some quality time together…

And then I go for a nap in the stroller. But when I wake up…

Another Grandma?

Wow! So much excitement. I need to chill out in the swing.

Grandpa was here too but I had to stay away ’cause he was sick. Get well soon, Grandpa McLain and Granddad Kimble!

More Colm

Hmmm… I will consider your proposal carefully.

Cradled by friends and family

We are being showered with love and help from friends and family. Special thanks to Christina and Jon who hosted a baby shower for us, took care of our dog Hershey while we were in the hospital, and loaned us many things including a crib. We came home from the hospital to find that Christina had bought a ton of baby stuff we still needed, put linens on the crib, and stocked our kitchen with nutritious, easy-to-make food.

Also thanks to Evan’s Mom Kathy who flew out to Seattle and painted the baby’s room just a few weeks before the baby arrived.

Thanks to Dawn and Dana and Heidi, who brought us food and love and did some housework.

Thanks to Elizabeth, Lauren, Mary Kaye, and Daisy, who’ve been generous with their love for years, and have been there with good advice and a listening ear, and who have also passed along some baby supplies.

Thanks to Alex and Anne for passing along a dresser/changing table. Evan’s back is eternally grateful.

Thanks to my Mom’s tennis friends, who threw a shower for us in December.

Thanks to everyone who brought presents and stories and love to the St. Patrick’s Day baby shower.

Thanks to the choir at the West Seattle Unitarian church, who have offered support and good wishes.

A special thanks to Taia, who is a dear friend and another new mother who has given me tons of wise advice and a shoulder to cry on.

Thanks and deep gratitude to my Mom Cheri, who is staying with us for the first month and taking care of us and the baby. She is the main reason we’re getting any sleep at all, and have any sanity left. Mom is also the “gym teacher” for the baby right now – Evan and I cuddle and feed him, but Mom plays with him too – something we don’t have much energy for yet.

I’m worried I may be forgetting a lot of people here – I’m so tired. I’m sorry if I’ve forgotten someone.

Happy Easter!

We had a nice day yesterday. First Colm helped us make some phone calls to the family…
Easter phone calls

Then we tried to get a family picture in front of the garden, but as soon as we got outside it started to rain… so we were a little rushed. It made for a good laugh though.
Family in the garden

Whew! Time to crash.
Sacked out

Colm’s eating somewhat better now. We’re not doing the syringe feeding any more, but he’s still getting breast milk from a bottle with every feeding. He’s growing stronger every day and is already back up to his birth weight!

Family time

Colm yawning

Colm with Grandma Kimble
Colm with Grandma Kimble

Colm and Jami looking at each other
Colm and Jami

Colm and Jami closeup
Love that mama

Well, that’s a tricky question, isn’t it? We’re pronouncing it “cullum”.

At first, even though we knew it wasn’t a traditional pronunciation, we were planning on pronouncing it the way an American would guess based on the spelling, with a long “o” (like “Coleman”), and one syllable. There is an advantage to having your name pronounced like it’s spelled. But we haven’t found any evidence that anyone else uses that pronunciation, so we eventually decided not to call him that — although many others probably will.

As far as we can tell, most Irish pronounce it like “cullum”, although some (such as actor Colm Meaney) say “column”. I haven’t yet gotten the “official” version from my relatives in Ireland. :) Keep in mind that the Irish pronounciation of “film” sounds to Americans like “fillum”, so the two-syllable pronunciation isn’t specific to the name.

One Colm apparently gets this question often enough that he wrote up an explanation complete with sound clips.

Frank McCourt pronounces Colm with one syllable, like “culm”.

Hopefuly Colm will forgive us for giving him a difficult name. :)

Colm Jamison McLain

Baby has a name! We weren’t quite prepared when he was born, but we finally got some quality time with the baby name book and made a decision.

His first name is Colm. It’s an Irish name meaning “dove”, which fits him very well because he is a gentle sweetheart. (Just watch, now he’ll grow up to be a holy terror.)

His middle name is Jamison, which means of course “Jami’s son”, but the other cool thing about this name is that a friend of Jami’s mom named Jamison was the original inspiration for Jami’s name.

Colm has my last name — we decided ahead of time that if we had a boy, he’d be a McLain, or a girl would be a Kimble.

I like to eat and sleep

Baby is repeating an infinite loop over and over every three hours:

  • wake up
  • diaper change
  • eat
  • sleep

This is more complicated than it sounds because we have to help him along with his feeding. Since he’s a preemie, he’s too sleepy to get everything he needs from breastfeeding. So first we have to load up a bunch of syringes with a predetermined amount of Jami’s milk plus formula. Then once Jami gets him feeding, I have to take the rubber tube leading from the syringe, slide 2 inches of it into his mouth, and slowly squirt the contents in as he sucks. If I irritate him too much, he’ll spit out the nipple and the tube and we have to start over. The other challenge is that once we get him feeding, he needs constant stimulation to stay awake and keep going. So we’re pulling his arms and tickling his feet, stomach, and chin at the same time.
As you can imagine, this requires about 37 hands.

Then once he’s down Jami pumps more milk, and we have to wash all the syringes and breast pump.

Whoa. That was a lot of food.

When we first started this would take us almost 2 hours… and remember, the cycle repeats every 3 hours. We haven’t yet gotten to the “pit crew” speed that the lactation consultants are aiming for, but we can usually get through it all in less than an hour now, leaving us copious spare time to do our own eating and sleeping. Thank goodness, we also have the help of Jami’s mom who flew out from Colorado on Saturday.

The saving grace of his preemie-hood is that he sleeps pretty solidly, but he does sometimes make enough noise to wake us, without waking up himself. Sigh.

Down for the count

Baby burrito

A fast and early labor

The following may be too much information for some, read at your own risk.

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Baby surprise!

Our lovely son was born on March 27th, 2007 at 10:25 am… a month early! He was 7 lbs 12 oz, and 20.5 in long, which is huge considering he was born at 35 weeks.

I know Jami wants to tell the birth story, but here are some pictures to tide you over in the meantime.

Little bug
. His green hat has little antennae. It was hand-knitted by our friend Elizabeth.

With Mom

With Dad

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